Hartung in Antibes


German-born abstract artist Hans Hartung designed this stark white-washed villa, the atelier and its annexes amid an olive grove. The artist, known for abstract works that combines spontaneous black drawings (often sketched by olive branches from his grove) and zones of dazzling colors, lived here from 1973 until his death in 1989 with his wife, Norwegian painter Anne-Eva

Sert in Saint-Paul de Vence


The Marguerite and Aime Maeght Foundation is a unique institution located on a hilltop in Saint Paul de Vence and overlooking the French Riviera.  The Maeght Foundation forms part of a distinctive group of similar 1960s institutions that include the Gulbenkian in Portugal and Louisiana in Denmark.  It was inaugurated on July 28th 1964 by Andre Malraux, then Minister of Cultural Affairs, who declared 'this is not a [.....]

Barani in Nice


The Nice Tram terminal started as a commission for a technical piece of infrastructure (including the terminus tram stop, a maintenance department, a park-and-ride parking lot, offices, control rooms for tramway traffic, and small-scale commerce) and became an elegant solution that resolves aspects of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, besides satisfying the brief.  In the centrifugal movement [.....]